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Frequently Asked Questions about Space Food Sticks...

What are Space Food Sticks™?

Space Food Sticks™ are chewy energy snacks offering great-tasting between-meal nutrition. You can read about their role in the development of space travel on our website Space Food Sticks Preservation Society.

If I was a fan of the original SFS will I like the taste of the new ones?

We hired internationally-renowned food scientist Mario Medri to re-engineer the formula based on original ingredients and existing samples. Without Mario's random act of kindness (he didn't know us but he could tell we had passion) Space Food Sticks would be a distant memory. Mario introduced us to  Kalman Vadasz, the "Michelangelo" of the confectionary business for over 40 years, to recreate the taste and texture of the originals. The results exceeded our wildest expectations. We hope you agree.

Are these healthy?

SFS are not meal-replacement bars (yuck!) but they do contain extra protein and are much better for you than your average candy bar.

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Can I purchase original Space Food Sticks™ memorabilia?

Yes. We're happy to announce great-looking t-shirts featuring the original Space Food Sticks™ logo are now available exclusively at Funkyfoodshop. We also offer a vintage Space Food Sticks™ refrigerator magnet with every order of a full case of chocolate or peanut butter.

Any more flavors in the works?

Peanut butter and chocolate were the two most requested flavors which is why we started with them. Fans have also requested caramel, mint, berry, vanilla, and orange among others. If all goes well, we will bring more flavors back in the future.

Can I buy Space Food Sticks in a store?

Some of the more prominent places SFS are being carried include FAO Schwarz (New York City), Dylan's Candy (NYC), Toy's'Us (Times Square), the Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, FL), Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (Washington, DC), American Museum of Natural History (New York City), Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA), Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX), Adler Planetarium (Chicago), Museum of Flight (Seattle), The Space Needle (Seattle), the USS Hornet (Oakland), the Neil Armstrong Museum (Wapakoneta, OH), Disney World and Universal Studios (Orlando, FL). If you want to find out if there is a location near you please send us an email and we'll let you know.

What can fans of Space Food Sticks™ do to spread the word?

Please feel free to link to us, post feedback on blogs and, especially, let us know about local independent businesses that might carry Space Food Sticks. Without the encouragement and support of its fans, these Apollo-era treats would have been lost in space forever.

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