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I used to love these when I was a kid....I hope they come back!!! Thanks for this site!

My wife and I both grew up with Space Food Sticks. We both can vividly remember the great chocolate and the peanut butter sticks. A lot of fun memories! I would be willing to buy 1-2 Cases! if they become available
--Mesa, AZ

I was 6 1/2 years old when man first landed on the moon , and always wanted to be an astronaut . So as soon as Tang and space food sticks came out they were MUST haves for this kid . I nagged all my relatives to have them available AT ALL TIMES ! needless to say I was one bummed little camper when they were cancelled. ( I still drink Tang ! ) The chocolate , malt and peanut butter were my favorites. I'd pay well to see them come back.
--Crawforville , Florida 32327

I found your site because I was trying to find out if they still made/sold Space Food Sticks. I'm having a few friends over to watch cheesy 1950s/60s outer space movies and thought I'd serve Tang and Sticks as refreshments. Alas, apparently The Sticks are now just a memory. Keep the faith, baby!

My brother and I would fight over who got the last one out of the box and beg mom to go to the store for more!
--Riverside Ohio

Comments: My whole family loved Space Food Sticks; I remember eating the chocolate and peanut butter flavors all the time. Then one day at the grocery store I asked my mother to buy some, and she had to try to explain to me that the store didn't have them any more. It took me a long time to understand.

My husband is too young to remember Space Food Sticks, and he finds my nostalgia about them a little bit nutty. It would be great if they were brought back, and I could show him just what's so wonderful about them.

I remember "the sticks" as a military brat living in the northeastern section of the country. They were foil wrapped, chewy, chocolate flavored rods. I think they were chocolate. Hell, I was only four or five years old in '72!
--Canton, OH

My mom used to pack Space Food Sticks in our lunch boxes when we were really good (there were seven kids, and we were rarely good). It was the only food we ate slowly.
--New York, NY

A chocolate Balance bar taste surprisingly like a Space Food Stick.
--Winnetka, Il

My gramma used to keep the chocolate ones at her house, and we went there every other Sunday for dinner when I was a kid (I'm 32) so I had to look forward to my ONE space stick for two weeks. Except in the summer, when my grandparents would go on vacation, and my mom and I would go by to water her flowers and take in the mail, and on EACH of those days, I got a space stick! I couldn't wait for her to leave town!
--Boulder, CO

I was huge into space, astromony, and Star Trek. There was a period where the only thing I would eat was Space Food Sticks and Tang. I still crave them all the time.
--Boulder, Co 

I have never eaten these, but if my husband doesn't stop talking about how good they were, I am going to die! Please bring these back forthe love of all that is holy! Someone is missing out on a goldmind. Let's all get together and do this!
--Encinitas, CA

My sister introduced these to me. I vaguely remember the individual wrappings and that my sister bought chocolate. I always wanted vanilla. Did they have vanilla. She told me the story about the astronauts and them being astronaut food. I was four years younger and was amazed by that space idea....
-- San Francisco, CA

We didn't have a lot growing up and Mom would let us stay home from school to go shopping with her on payday. I remember that the only thing better than watching The Six Million Dollar Man on a school day was getting my own box of Food Sticks!
--Encinitas, CA

We used to BEG our Mom to buy these!!! I felt so important when we had them... we would go in the basement and play astronaut, and of course fight ALIENS!!! I would love to taste them now and see if they REALLY were good, or if it was just the novelty.
--Crossville, TN  

At age 40, I can still taste the peanut butter SFS like I had them yesterday! I recently was going through stuff in my mother's attic, when I found my old bookbag from grade school. Rummaging through the pockets of the bag, low and behold I actually found the wrapper from a SFS consumed long ago! Man, I was tempted to lick it right then and there.

BRING BACK SPACE FOOD STICKS. If not, sell me the darn recipe 'cause I am pretty sure I'll make millions. If I don't get rich, who cares. I'll at least have all the SFS I want!!

Great site. Good luck
--Westfield, MA

Marvelous stuff--equally useful for snacking and for sealing annoying drafts around leaking windows. I don't recall ever reading the nutritional information on the package (if there was such a thing in those days), but I would not have been at all surprised to learn that these were an injection-molded petroleum-based product. Still....bring 'em back! And after that, I want my quadraphonic stereo back, too, along with a TV with a dial and no remote. And while I'm dreaming, how about an Apple II with 9" color monitor and software that would run with 48K memory. I love this stuff! I am also voting for Gerald Ford in the next election
--Eveleth, MN

OH MY GOD!!!!! That was the first and last statement I made every time I ate them. We would buy 10-40 boxes at a time and eat them all within a week. It was a tradition, a fetish, a "MUST HAVE" desire. They were kiddy narcotics, made to sooth the child beast in all of us. Do we want them back? HELL YES. Gimme, gimme, gimme. I want them all. The rest of you can wait until I finish mine. How could they have done this to us? It was evil. It was terrible. It was the most devastating blow I have ever had to deal with. I swear to God I dream of them almost every day now. How sick that is as I am 38 now.
--Frisco, TX

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