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I enjoyed these as a child. I had a teacher in the third grade who used these as a reward for the students who behaved and/or did their work.
--Rock Hill, SC

I remember eating them after school watching cartoons. They were great, I loved all of them.
--Attleboro, MA

When I was a little girl, I used to pretend that I was the first woman astronaut with my Space Food Sticks.
--Nashville, TN

Odd texture, novelty kind of foodstuff -- but neat stuff from the 60's. I suppose the forerunner of all the power bars. I think of them often...and then--- I found them!
--Newport News VA

I grew up with these things. They were the world's greatest snacks. They should've never stopped production on these tiny pieces of perfection!
--Albany, NY

I remember getting a whole brand new metal wastepaper basket filled up to the brim with strawberry and chocolate space food sticks.-Yummy!
--Sacramento CA

I remember when I was little I used to stick them up my nose to freak my sister.
--Brentwood, NH

I don't know what they are but I've read the tributes and they sound good. I would love to take them out on the boat to nibble on.
--Carrollton, Virginia

I haven't thought of this snack for years. They were not as good as a Tootsie Roll but very similar in consistency. We just thought it was so neat to eat the same things the astronauts ate in space. Really they were quite awful, but so are Fruit Roll-Ups. Space Food Sticks go hand in hand with my memories of Tang, Instant Breakfast, and Pop Tarts. I think the only things I could get my kids to eat now are Pop Tarts.
--Allen, Texas

I always felt so sophisticated and smart - just like an astonaut!
--Beaverton OR

Just the best, wish I could find them here in Canada!
--Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

They were sooo good! I wish we could get them again!!!
--Weatherford, Texas

I remember visiting my aunt & eating Space Food Sticks, as a special treat that we only got at her house. The Chocolate Peanut Butter were my favorite!
--Omaha, Nebraska

I remember eating them as a kid and thinking they were really cool...the packaging and the advertising.
--Gilbert, AZ

I remember eating space food sticks as a child on our road trips to Mexico back in the 70's. It was the only thing I would eat. The chocolate ones they were the greatest!
--Turlock, CA

They were the greatest food for field trips in elementary school - packed with nutrition and energy, but geeky enough that no one else tried to swipe them. Nerds Rule - because we eat right!
--Bound Brook NJ

I vividly remember the peanut butter sticks saving me from dying of hunger on the back side of Mars. They were a wonderful part of my childhood.--Rocklin , CA


I remember how COOL it was to be able to eat something the astronauts did!
--Goldfield, IA

I loved them! And I agree with another poster that the closest thing in comparison now is a nutrition bar--like Tiger's Milk Bars maybe. Where did they disappear to and when were they taken off the market? It's like the sticks and I fell into a 60's time warp and got separated.
--Boise, Idaho

I remember them as a kid my mom used to buy them, I thought they were great.
--Acwort, Georgia

I couldn't wait to try them. It made me feel important to eat what the astronauts ate.
--Prudenville MI

Oh my goodness, I have talked about these for years and everyone thinks I am nuts!! I LOVED these as a kid.
--Helendale, California

Loved 'em. Mom would pack them in our lunchboxes for camp. They were so great, really felt like the astronauts with Space Sticks and Tang!
--East Longmeadow, MA

They were great afterschool snacks.
--West Stockbridge, MA

I never forgot those yummy little delights! I often dreamed vague dreams I didn't understand--then it hit me!! I was dreaming of fonder times when I was at home with mom and those space sticks!!!! Why did they tear us apart!!!!!? Bring them back to meeeeee!!!!!!
--Santa Rosa, California

They were wonderful!! Chocolate and peanutbutter that my parents actually thought were good for me! LOL I can't wait to share them with my kids!! Bring them back!!!
--Kenmore, NY

I always asked my mother to buy them back in the early 70's...I loved them...Would eat the whole box if my parents would have let me...I thought how lucky the spacemen were to get to eat them on their mission....

I can remember them being almost fake. But oh how good they were!!!!! During the early years of the space program we as kids would latch onto anything that would make us more like the astronauts! I would sit in our tree in the backyard, pretending to be on a mission with my food sticks and Tang. My kids would love em bring them back soon!!!
--Milwaukee, WI

Space food sticks are truly out of this world!!!!
--Richmond, VA

My momma talks about 'em ALL the time...They must be great!
--Findlay, Ohio

If they are the same thing, I had them 40 years ago and I loved them
--Auburn, KY

I loved Space Food Snacks! With three brothers my Mom couldn't keep them in the house for a whole day. I remember the chocholate ones. I would peel back the wrapper and just inhale the delicious aroma before taking the first chewy bite. Heaven!
--Manheim PA

I always ate one right before gym class when I was in the 7th grade. Back then every boy and girl wanted to be an astronaut.
--Covington, TN

Mom would buy them at the store. I would take one pouch, open it, and then nible around the outside then eat the center. 'Food the Astronauts took to the Moon...' They tasted so good, I could eat the whole box at once!
--Laurence Harbor, NJ

They were so fun to eat. We used to hide in our fort (Space Station) and eat Space Food Sticks while pretending we were astronauts. And of course we drank Tang, too!
--Prescott, AZ

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