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I remember me and my brothers going off for the afternoon on a long trips to distant and faraway places, (three blocks away at the high school playground) we packed our Space Food Sticks because that's what all the explorers ate. At least the modern day ones.--Victoria, Texas

Space Food Sticks were a favorite part of my brown bag lunch in elementary school. no matter what kind of day i was having, I knew I could look forward to my chocolate space food stick to make me fell better. It was Hi-Tech comfort food.
--Pittsburgh PA

They were a required food for a 7 year old in 1970, to be washed down with Tang.
--Hartford Ct

They were so tasty and nourishing! Tang and SFS, all I need is a Saturn V, and I'm ready to go!
--Hemet, CA

I'd forgotten all about these!!! I used to eat these all the time--I would make my mom buy several packs every Saturday when we went grocery shopping.
--Glasgow, KY

I was born in 1969 and my family was very pro-NASA and space exploration. My grandfather got me Space Food Sticks and that weird Astronaut ice cream many times when I was a tyke.
--Mansfield, Ohio

I vaguey recall having these as a child. Regardless, I'd love to have them avaiable now.
--Chapel Hill, NC

When I was a kid I used to love those.
--St. Louis, Missouri

Space food sticks yum, better then the school lunches.
--Lawrence, Massachusetts

I loved them as a child, and would fight with my brother when he'd try to steal mine.
--Kissimmee, FL

I loved Space Food Sticks! Made me feel like an astronaut. Imagine my surprise to find them repackaged and marketed in the eighties as "Tiger's Milk Bars"! Check it out yourself if you don't believe me. They were my all-time favorite after-school snack...
--Oxford, MS

Convenient and discreet, Space Food Sticks were clearly an idea ahead of its time. The wrapper must've hermetically sealed the Space Food Stick for light years of freshness. The Space Food Stick itself was chewy and fairly non-descript from a taste perspective. It was more user friendly than Tootsie Rolls, in that they didn't stick to your teeth and were, generally speaking, lighter. All in all a fairly innocuous treat.

Count me in. How can I help?
--Rocky River, OH

I can remember stocking up my backpack with Space Food Sticks for a Boy Scout campout. And then munching them all in my bedroom when the trip got rained out.
--New Braunfels, TX

My father didn't allow us many "sweets." Fruit or other "healthy" food was what he wanted us to eat. But there were a few foods--the ones I recall were Carnation Instant Breakfasts (powdered drinks) and Space Sticks. My favorites were peanut butter and chocolate flavors--to us kids, they were candy.
--Pittsburg, PA

It was the height of the space program. My mother and I were grocery shopping, and as I went for the Tang, I saw them. For the next three years or so, they were all I ate. They had everything in them, so my Mom didn't mind. I remember that the availability of the space food that year got neighborhood kids interested in space who weren't before.
--Missoula, MT

Oh man...Astronaut food for lunch in grade school. If you didn't have Space Food Sticks then what good were you? I always saved mine for last!
--Carthage, MO

I mean... c'mon! WHO didn't friggin' enjoy the bejesus outta these little devils?! Gettin' one of these babies in your lunch bag insured major popularity during the hustle and bustle of the lunchtime trade! And nowadays... with folks chompin' down god-know-what in the way of food bars -- these puppies are TOTALLY RIPE for a comeback!
--Beverly Hills, CA

I had completely forgotten about them. This is great! If we can have lava lamps, why not Space Food Sticks? I did anything that had to do with Nasa back as a kid, I just remember the chocolate ones; not that there was any other flavor. I admit some curiosity to what the actual ingredients were...
--Mason, Oh

Enjoyed them when I went camping, easy to carry and light weight.
--Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

These were the best favorite candy, and I would love to have them for my kids.
--Ft. Meyers, FL

Space Food Sticks have the right stuff! I'm only 35, so I don't remember space food sticks very well, but if they come back, I'll eat 'em with a smile on my face!
--Portland, ME

Every Friday night was grocery shopping night when I was growing up. The one thing I could count on was a box of space food sticks...chocolate!
--Chicago IL

My favorite photograph of me depicts my 2 year old self in my carriage holding a partially masticated space food stick. The family remembers me being a rather quiet, contented child. No doubt it was due to my two favorite things on earth at that time--the Sears catalog and Space Food Sticks. With those things in grasp I was the ultimate "seen and not heard" baby. Bring the sticks back and I'm sure 21st Century children will be similarly entranced. Organics be damned--how great is it to be eating food made by SCIENTISTS!
--Brown Deer WI

I can't believe this! I'm 41 now and when I was a kid I just loved Space Food Sticks. I played for hours in a huge vacant lot with neighbor kids. We were soldiers, mountain-climbers, space-explorers... Space Food Sticks were always a part of our food supply. Better than candy too!
--Waco, TX

It was part of the misson! Every kid who ever played astronaut HAD to have an extra supply in case you crashlanded on Planet Rdsfgsidf-7 (AKA the vacant lot down the street.) They were also excellent bribes to appease space monsters and stray dogs. Talk about your nostalgia marketing play! If VW Beetles are back, where will it end?
--Newport News, VA

I remember the Apollo mission and I wanted to eat what the astronauts were eating, as I hoped to be one.
--Pompano Beach Fl

I remember having these as treats in Nashville, Tennessee. We had just moved to the States from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and boy, those sticks really fit into our perception of America - big cards, lots of toys, lots of freedom to roam the neighborhood on bikes.
--Cleveland, OH

The idea was you were only supposed to have one with your meal, but, of course, I'd eat two or three.
--Glendale, CA

I ate 'em as a kid (between 4 and 7 years old). They were soooooo good! My favorite was peanut butter. I remember my mom putting them in my Speed Racer lunchbox for school, and how I looked forward to eating them last. Hey Pillsbury (or someone else) - we want our Space Food Sticks!!
--Santa Barbara, CA

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