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My folks used to buy us every flavor available, I especially liked the chocolate and peanut butter ones- think they came in butterscotch too? I tell my children about them all the time and would love it if they could try them. If they can bring back Pop Rocks, why not Space Sticks?
--Ft. Irwin, CA

I LOVED Space Food Sticks! They were a happy part of my childhood that I will always remember fondly. I always loved to nibble on them so they'd last a little longer. I miss them!
--Dallas, TX

Best thing in my Lost in Space lunch pail. I used to trade everything else I could to obtain my friends at lunch.
--Keller, TX

Please make them again, I miss them sooo much!
--Miami, FL

All I remember is that the things tasted FABULOUS! Was it caramel flavor or butterscotch? Peanutbutter & chocolate were good, too. I wish they'd bring them back - I would put them in my Emergency Packs & eat them instead of candy!
--Cedar City, Utah

I remember as a young child eating space food sticks in the family car while wearing my apollo 11 jacket. They were to die for.
--Sarasota, FL

I remember eating them as a quick breakfast. (My mom was always running late... and a little indulgent!) They made me feel very "cosmopolitan"!
--Dayton, OH

I was just discussing this with someone at work. I'll bet it's been 30 years since I had one.
--Burlington, VT

The best snack I ever had! What else can I say? My sister says me too!!!!!
--Zanesville, OH

My uncle worked in the space program and bringing us some. I remember them being very chewy and strongly flavored. Thought they were too cool!
--Santa Barbara, CA

--Portland, OR

I used to sit in a refrigerator box that I had drawn spaceship instruments on and eat space food sticks and pretend I was in outer space. I would do it again now (i'm 37) in a heartbeat were SPACE FOOD STICKS available!!!
--Denver, CO

A group of us at a 70's party last week were talking about space sticks. We all want them back!!!
--Pensacola, FL

Who was the company that manufactured those Space Sticks? I miss them. Is it really possible that they could be on the market again? When I was in college, I lived for weeks on end on nothing but space food.
--Park City, UT

I loved them as a child. I'd eat 5 or 6 of them after school while watching `Three Stooges' on TV
--Rockville, MD

They just tasted so awesome, especially when fresh. I used to eat them while watching Scooby Doo every Saturday morning as a kid.
--Omaha, NE

I loved the advertisements on TV. The idea that these Tootsie Toll-style treats were what the astronauts ate was irresistible to me. The texture was good too. Tang and space food sticks--my ideal '6os kid meal.
--Durham, NC

Peeling the aluminized wrapper after school and enjoying the chewy goodness.
--Stillwater, FL

I remember taking one with me every day in my lunch pail to school. I miss them even today.
--San Jose, CA

I loved them as an adolescent! They were easy to slip into a pocket, very tasty, and, because they were quite compact, you could slip two or three into a pocket.
--Eau Claire, WI

They were cool. We felt like a part of the exciting endeavor of space.
--New York, NY

Loved them as a kid.
--Yorkville, NY

I was born in 1963, so I don't remember THAT much about them. Just that they were yummy and I felt like I was an astronaut eating them. I've been trying to remember what they were called and what the packaging looked like. Do you have any samples of the packaging which was in the store in the 60's? I'm just glad there are other nuts out there like myself! Thanks for trying to bring them back!
--Swanzey, NH

I never have had it. I want TO! :-)
--Roy, Utah

Took them as my main source of food to the Atlanta Pop Festival of 1970.
--Atlanta, GA

I never cared about the space-ness of the product, but what I liked was the taste and texture. Not too not too gooey.
--Skokie IL

My brother and I always fought over who was going to be the pilot of the space ship, so we would cut the space sticks up and "draw straws" Shortest one got to be pilot but the longest one got more candy!
--Floyd, VA

I remember sneaking them into school and eating little pieces from my desk. (Please don't use my full name on the website. I don't want any former teachers hunting me down!)
--Champaign, IL

Up until this morning, I thought I had made these up in my mind! But thanks to Yesterdayland.com, I found your site. I can only remember the peanut butter ones that my grandfather used to buy for me, but I can still remember EXACTLY what they tasted like to this day. How crazy, eh??
--Atlanta, GA

I used to love the commercial! and begging my mom to get us some. We finally got them and we loved them!!!!!!! I don't remember the flavors, but I would love chocolate and peanut butter
--Tulsa, OK

New and different, use to give them to my kids.
--Palm Bay, FL

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