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Munched on them from the time they were released until I couldn't get em anymore. I liked em!!!
--Vancouver WA

Loved them, took them to school every day in my lunchbox circa 1970's.
--Studio City, CA

I can remember the rack in the back of Doolittle's Market in Waterford, PA where these were sold. Remember it as though it were yesterday. Mom used to only allow them one or two a day, but I would always sneak or talk here into one (or maybe two more). I would love it if they were brought back so I could show my kids a great snack of yesteryear that beats the pants off any fruit roll-up these days! Please bring them back!!!
--Waterford, PA 

Not sure if I really remember them, but when I was a little kid I was really interested in becoming an astronaut. And I thought the food they had up in space would be cool. Also if Homer Simpson likes them, they must be cool!

I remember eating them as a quick breakfast. (My mom was always running late...and a little indulgent!) They made me feel very "cosmopolitan"!
--Dayton, OH

No matter what mum put in my lunches as a youngster, space food sticks were always the first to go. You could eat them on hot days when their soft or in winter when they snap it didnt matter cause they were great.

I remember that we had to go to a billion stores when we were in the States to find them. (I am Canadian) My parents were thrilled!! Likewise when we wanted Lays potato chips and Hawaiian Punch.
--Victoria, BC, Canada

My memory is foggy, perhaps because the Sticks have been unavailable for so long, but I remember my mother sending us to school in the late 60s or early 70s with one or two Space Food Sticks in our lunch bags. They were so tasty, we'd usually eat them up as we walked to school. I'm not sure why we liked them so much; I just remember a very distinctive flavor and texture. Plus, I always understood that we were eating the same thing that the astronauts were, although I'm not sure today whether that is actually true. Space Food Sticks and Tang, those were the hot items for kids who dreamt of being an astronaut!
--San Diego, CA

I remember these! I was about 12 when Alan Shepard flew in space. Our mom got us Tang and Space Food Sticks when we went camping that summer. We had this really primitive early version of an RV, and we pretended it was our space capsule. Thanks for the blast from the past!
--Farmington Hills, MI

Would relish the opportunity to sneak an entire box out of my best friend's Mom's pantry and finishing it off in an afternoon. True pity the production of these gems was discontinued, I would certainly support this product should it ever come back on the market.
--Tampa, FL

Eating them during Snacktime in kindergarten. Eating them while pretending the monkey bars were the lunar lander.
--Faribault MN

I practically lived on Space Food Sticks when I was a kid. I would take them completely out of the wrapper and sculpt it like play dough before eating them!
--Walnut Creek, CA

I LOVE space food sticks in the red box... chocolate... 44 calories per stick Bring them back. I have a 5 year old and would rather he eat them! Do not care if they are marketed in any other form or under another name. BRING THEM BACK! MY FAVORITE SNACK
--Nutley, NJ 

Chewy, gooey, gummy, ooey. Delicious treat we loved to eat!
--Cortaro, AZ

Best thing in my Lost in Space lunch pail. I used to trade everything else I could to obtain my friends at lunch.
--Keller, TX

We felt so high tech eating them!
--Billings, MT

Please make them again, I miss them sooo much!
--Miami, FL

All I remember is that the things tasted FABULOUS! Was it caramel flavor or butterscotch? Peanut butter & chocolate were good, too. I WISH THEY'D BRING THEM BACK- I would put them in my Emergency Packs & eat them instead of candy!
I remember as a young child eating space food sticks in the family car while wearing my Apollo 11 jacket.

I first saw Space Food Sticks on a 1960's episode of "Doctor Who" on the BBC. They were Egg and Bacon flavour and the crew had them for breakfast, and I though "Brill., I'm for that, ...Bring on the future!!
--Lurgan, County Armagh, UK

They were to die for.
I was a very finicky and skinny kid and for some reason Space Food Sticks were one of the few things I'd eat for breakfast besides junk like Froot Loops and Trix.
--Seattle, WA

Everyday for 5 years! Didn't know people ate eggs for breakfast until I went to high school.
--Fresno, CA

We used to buy space food sticks every Friday and I looked forward as a child to each Friday.
--Casa Grande, AZ

Space Food Sticks in my "Hot Wheels" lunch box every day at lunch in 4th, 5th, 6th grades. Yum.
--Havana, IL

I just remember getting a box of them when my parents got home from grocery shopping, and not being able to stop eating them!!! They were great!!
--Sandwich IL

Ahhh.. I can remember begging my mom to buy space food sticks and Tang... I wanted to be the first girl astronaut.. Now I subsist primarily on the poor man's space food sticks.. Balance Bars - a fact I can only attribute to the lack of SFS and clever marketing in my youth!
--Santa Monica, CA

I still long for a tasty orange space food stick. As a kid, we didn't get them often, but when we did, it was a special time
--South Jordan, UT

My memories of Food Sticks are from when I was growing up in Hawaii. When we went to the beach, my mom would always pack a few into the beach bag for my sister and I to snack on. When we moved to the Mainland, we continued to have them in our lunches at school and as snacks until they were no longer available. I remember very clearly believing that the only place we could ever buy them was at the PX in Hawaii.

I was just eating a mocha chip balance bar and thinking how much it tasted like space food sticks. I wonder if it's got similar ingredients?

I grew up eating them in the 70's; thin tubes that looked like long tootsie rolls, with paper covers lined in plastic or something that stretched a bit when you tore at it. A definite treat for me and everyone in my family.
--Sunnyside, NY

They came packaged in some kind of foil, with two dowel shaped objects. The peanut butter flavor is the only one I remember liking.

My husband, my friends and I all have memories of buying boxes of space food sticks! WE LOVED THEM!!!! Please bring them back!!
--Denver, CO

My family used to vacation every month. One of the many snacks, (and my favorite,) were space food sticks. I used to ask for them for dinner.

My dad would not let us eat anything in the car on any trip except spacefood sticks because they were not messy. I have been looking for them for years and they are a very big part of my childhood.
--Victorville, CA

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