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They were really good with Tang.
--Portland, OR

My parents took two months off and drove my sister and I around in a large station wagon for an entire summer. They bribed us constantly to behave using Space Sticks! We loved them. Especially the chocolate ones.
--Raleigh, NC

Space Food Sticks are cool and and have always had a special place in my heart.
--Seattle, WA

I just remember buying them at the grocery as being a HUGE treat for my brother and I. My mom only bought them when she was feeling particularly charitable and, wow, did we love them. I can still conjure up the taste and texture if I try.... I bet they are actually very tiny little sticks in an adult's hands, but I remember them as being SO big. PLEASE, let me taste them again!
--Hendersonville, NC

My mother bought them when I was a kid in the 70s, and they were pretty good. The peanut butter flavor sticks were the only ones my mother would buy. She'd give us a package and kick us out of the house to play outside.
Shepherd, TX

No chemicals here I thought!
--East Sussex, UK

Trading them at lunch time... everyone wanted them. rolling them into little balls
--Santa Rosa, CA

I used to have Space Food Sticks for recess when i was in primary school in the early 90's. I loved the taste, texture and the way they could fill you up. And then there was the fact that astronauts ate them in space! Wow!

Watching tv on sunday mornings at my best friend's house when I was 7, eating Quisp cereal and Pillsbury Space Food Sticks.
--Boulder, CO

I remember Space Food Sticks as more of a nutritious snack, rather than a candy treat. My mother only bought them for us as a special treat.
--Virginia Beach, VA

I remember being a little child, and it was saturday morning, and my mom and my sister in law who was visiting, went out shopping and brought back space food sticks to eat, it was just a very happy time, and I wish these sticks were back ! And please do us all a favor :)...make them original size and taste, please for the love of god, do not new and improve them !
--Bellingham, MA

My mom bought Space Food Sticks. They were the rage of the Tang era - we thought they were real food! My wife doesn't remember. I don't think she believes me. Well this is proof that they do exist.
--Newfield, NJ

They came in 2 flavors, Peanut Butter and Chocolate. Peanutbutter Powerbars are similar, but SFS's were much softer and smoother.
--Pikesville, MD

When I was a small child, my mom would keep space food sticks in a cabinet under her desk in the kitchen. We were only supposed to have them for dessert after dinner, but I often couldn't wait that long.
--Seattle, WA

They were delicious except for the orange flavor which was ill conceived.
--Thousand Oaks, CA

As a young follower of our space program, particularly the Apollo missions, I had to have all related items, and that included tasty Space Food Sticks. I only remember caramel and chocolate flavors, but I don't believe I ever tried the others. Interesting to see that they were dropped from the market in the early 80's; I never saw another one after about 1973.
--Columbus, MS

I remember these! They were great ... so much better than granola bars, cereal bars or any other bar available today.
--Las Vegas, NM

Two peanut butter Space Food Sticks and the Wonderfull World of Disney was a great way to close a Saturday Night in the early 70's
--Neosho, MO

For years I have thought that Space Food Sticks were something that I must have imagined, since no one else remembered them. I am so thrilled that 1) I did not imagine them and 2) they might come back!
--Redwood Shores, CA

I remember begging my mom to buy me some Space Food Sticks, in the '70's. I usually convinced her to get some.
--Clovis, CA

If these are the things I remember, then I was IN LOVE with them! They were sold in boxes and they had individually wrapped "sticks." They were chocolate and kind of chewy. I used to break them apart with my hands and make funny shapes out of the pieces. For some reason, when I squished them, they made me think of elephant feet. I used to eat those things like they were going out of style, and then sometime in the early 80's I didn't eat them anymore and was bummed. Again, I'm not positive these are the same things, but your story sounds a lot like my memory of these wacky chocolate sticks. Hope you get them back on the market if they are what I think they are.
--Scottsdale, AZ

Gourmet cardboard, but not bad with a glass of Ovaltine.
--Rochester, NH

Nothing was more went better in my "Lost in Space" lunchbox. With Space Food Sticks I could be just like Major Matt Mason.
--Springfield VA

Wow...hanging out at a friends house after school in second grade. We used to jump off of the bunk beds onto a smaller bed down below. Eat space food sticks for more fuel and keep it up until my mom came to get me. Good times.
--Seattle WA

I fondly remember SFS and sadly lament their loss. I carried many of them to school over the years and remeber the cache of being one of the "hip" kids to have this unique food item. Over the years, I have disdained all other forms of peanut butter in memorial to the PB SFS of my youth.
--Escondido, CA

I remember twisting chocolate and peanut ones together
--Des Moines, IA

After 30 years, I can still remember pulling a pack out of the box, and sliding the first of two forward enough out of the package to get my first bite. The human brain is truly miraculous. After all these years, I can still taste both the peanut butter and the fudge, as well as recall the chewy texture, as though it were just days ago. Although most people have little to no recollection of these treats, it is ironic, both my wife, and one of my best friends remember them fondly as well. We miss "Space Sticks".
--Peoria, AZ

I remember making my parents buy them for me on a weekly basis. They were very good. I also recall being fascinated by the info on the box.
--Portland, ME

I used to beg my mom for these sticks in the supermarket. I would hold the box all the way home and eat them while watching Captain Kangeroo! Please bring them back!
--Kingsbay, GA

My mother kept the space food sticks stored above the stove. My sister and I would get a chair to sneak them when my mom wasn't looking. They were our favorite snack!
--Spokane, WA

When my son who was born in 1964 was about five, he loved the space food sticks. We would put them in his little lunch box, and he would sit with the construction workers on our home and eat them. We wish we had saved them and he has asked about these many times. Thank you for wanting to bring them back! God Bless America!
--Sioux Falls, SD

I remember getting on the schoolbus in first grade, my shiny, light blue Welcome Back Kotter lunch box in hand and digging in to find my beloved Food Sticks! Always either chocolate or orange-- I loved them both. I can still remember the taste and I'm 31!
--North Attleboro, MA

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