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SERIOUS flash-back here! I was young, but i can still taste them! Would love to see them again!
--Bedford, TX

I loved these things! I wrote to Pillsbury a couple years ago asking if they were ever going to be reintroduced and they responded "No."
--Las Vegas, NV

My daughter (born in 1967) loved Space Food Sticks. I believe I remember a peanut butter flavor that was her favorite. I would love to find some to put in her stocking.
--New York, NY

The astronauts were eating them so I wanted to eat them too.
--Sylvania, OH

I begged my Grandfather to buy them for me, and he did. I didn't like the chocolate ones but I had to eat them all because I made him buy them!

I remember going to the grocery store with my mom when I was young and always wanting and getting Space Food Sticks. They were sooo goood! I didnt think I would ever see them again. I would give anything to bring them back.
--Wichita, KS

My absolute favorite snack as a child! My mother would tell me it was diet food so I wouldn't eat them. When I would devour her supply every time, she resorted to hiding them. I always found them.

I have fond memories of eating the Chocolate Space Food Sticks as a child. If I could have reached the container I would have eaten them all. I hope they come back.
I remember taking space food sticks on a field trip. All the kids in my third grade class wanted them--and I was the only one who had them. My brother and I used to fight over them, and he would take them and hide them in his room. I especially liked the peanut butter flavor!
--Baton Rouge, LA

My sisters, cousins, and I would spend Tuesdays in the summer at my Grandmother's house. We would often get a treat of Space Food Sticks. I can easily recall the great flavor and texture!
--New Paltz, NY

I remember eating peanut butter Space Food Sticks in the bathroom and pretending we were taking off into outer space. I loved those sticks!!!
--Eureka CA

My brother and I used to eat these weird chocolate space food sticks and they were cool! I would love to have some again!
--Holiday, FL

Space Food Sticks were the COOLEST snack. I used to beg my mom to buy them for me (and I had to be judicious about what I begged for). It was what the astronauts ate! How could it be cooler than that?! They were the best.

I remember sitting in my backyard in a cardboard box, drinking Tang and eating Space Food Sticks and dreaming of other worlds.
--Marietta, GA

As a NASA-era child, no treat was a good as a SFS. I sat through school all day waiting to have one at home. Field Trips were great because they always promised a SFS in you sack lunch! It was cool to pretend you were an astronaut while opeing the foil pouch ( the schwoosch sound was the best!)
--Arlington Heights, IL

Absolutely earliest food memory. I have been looking for these for 30 years. I still remember how they taste.
--Worcester, MA

Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show with a breakfast of Space Food Sticks.
--San Diego, CA

I loved the idea that I was getting a taste of the future when I ate Space Food Sticks. At age 5, I believed Space Food Sticks were just the first in what would be a wave of food replacements. Really, who would want to eat a clunky stupid traditional meal your mother made when you could have a neat sleek little treat engineered by rocket scientists instead? So much more asthetically pleasing. So much quicker for a kid on the go. And they had such a great mouth-feel as well. Chewy at first, then disolving into an almost-but-not-quite powdery texture. Like you could feel each granule. Mmmm. After all these years I still consider Space Food Sticks my favorite food and would buy them again in a heartbeat. Good thing I didn't know the future would be a vast void as far as Space Food Sticks was concerned.
--Chicago, IL

Space food sticks are the perfect diet snack since they give you about an hour of energy. I miss them and my thinner body. Those 40 calories were awesome.
--Lenoir, NC

I remember food sticks fondly--a precursor to today's Power and Balance Bars! Was trying to describe them to my niece--a difficult concept. Loved them.
--St. Petersburg, FL

My mom would never buy them so I had to hope that some kid at lunch would let me try theirs. To be honest, I don't remember how they taste, it's been a very long time. I wish they would return to the grocer shelves so I could buy them on my own.
--Denver, CO

I remember opening the package, I must have been 6, and was at the same time repulsed and enthralled with the Space Food Sticks...and proceded to gorge on them
--Santa Cruz, CA

My wife and I both remember these. I dream about them. Ummmm chewy, chocolate, and so appropriately packaged in that foil thingie. I wanted so bad to be like the space men. I may not have walked upon the moon but I boldly walked not on the moon, but in the cafeteria of cameron elementary school with my content smile, knowing that i was about to take a seat and chow on my SPACE FOOD STICKS. I should have been the space food stick poster boy. They rule. My wife craved them during her pregnancies too.
--Mercersburg, PA

I remember being completey thrilled that I could eat the same food the actual astronauts ate. I loved the fact that they came wrapped in what seemed lke space-age material. The texture and taste were very unique, thus enforcing my belief that I was eating something very special. I was 7 years old when Apollo 11 happened, so I wasn't much older when Space Food Sticks came out.
--Forestdale, MA

Wow! What a flashback. I had all but forgotten about them until this past weekend when my brother told me about your site. Thanks. This is great stuff. Hmm, loved the peanut butter, but now that I'm ana dult firmly entrenched in yuppie-dom, mocha.
--San Carlos, CA

It was in 1970, I was 3 years old, we were following the progress of the Apollo missions on TV at the time, and my mom gave me a couple, simply referring to them as "space sticks". I thought they tasted great, and wished that they would be available again.
--Mission Viejo, CA

I grew up in the 70's,and I thought,and still do, that space food sticks were great. I often wonder why they were taken off the market at all. Were they too good? Is this some kind of government cover-up or conspiricy? Perhaps Mulder and Scully would better spend their time solving this mystery. I hope to learn the answer to this someday, and actually see their return.!!!
--Salinas, CA

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