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All I remember is they were great! I only remember the chocolate ones. BRING THEM BACK.
--Mishawaka, IN

Oh, boy! Space Food Sticks! I was a 7-year-old all hopped up on "2001" and science fiction when I first spotted Space Food Sticks in the aisle at our local supermarket. I begged my mom to buy 'em, and carried them faithfully to school in my 007 lunchbox, pretending that I was eating lunch in a secret moonbase. (Perhaps that explains more about me than I intended.)
--Sonoma, CA

I forgot all about these until I surfed here! They were great --chewy and chocolaty -- and made our parents think they were giving us something nutricious. BRING THEM BACK!!!
--Long Branch, NJ

I loved them when I was a kid. My mom would buy a box, hide it, and it would be gone by the end of the day. I wish Pillsbury would wise-up and bring them back. They could hype it up and make trillions.
Clarendon Hills, IL

I loved these as a kid!!! I would buy soooo many of them!!
--Saugatuck, MI

My brother and I used to eat these weird chocolate space food sticks and they were cool! I would love to have some again!
--Holiday, FL

Oh, yeah... I was wondering what happened to Space Food Sticks! I didn't know they were produced into the 1980's, though! I am now 41, and do remember Space Food Sticks from when I was a boy... they were really good, chewy, and made me feel like an astronaut! My best friend Tim and I were both space freaks, and Space Food Sticks were the perfect snack for us to eat while we played with our Major Matt Masons and built our Saturn V and Apollo models! Long live Space Food Sticks! The future is now, let's bring them back!
--Bakersfield, CA 

If they were good enough for the Astronauts, they were good enough for me.
--Carol Stream, IL

I remember eating them with many a lunch brought to school - peeling away the weird silvery paper (not the slick Mylar of today!) and biting into the weirdly homogeneous cylinder of snack! I can remember the flavor(s) even now.
--Seattle, WA 

We simply refered to them as "Space Sticks." They were only around when I was a child, but my brother and I considered them a special treat - so much so we'd ask for them as Christmas presents. We were never allowed to eat more than two at a time but I always wanted more. Chocolate was my favorite flavor.
--Pleasant Hill, CA 

Eating them when I was about 7 years old made me feel like an astronaut! Bring 'em back - because no one believes me when I tell them that Space Food Sticks existed!
--Universal City, TX 

I remember eating them when I was around 2 years old (c. 1968-1969)on my parents sofa. It had such an unusual taste that I haven't experienced since that era.
--Fairfax, VA 

Since my sister hated them, it was the one cool snack we never fought over!
--Auburn, WA

My three brothers and two sisters were talking about the past and the one thing that we all remember was space sticks, our grandparents slways had a box on hand each time we would visit.
--Streamwood, IL

I watched many Apollo missions take off and land. I was so excited when space sticks came out. I made my mom buy them whenever I could and of coarse she did. I loved space stick and I want them back. In this age of energy bars the space stick was the first.
--Santa Fe, NM

I still remember tearing open the foil wrapper and eating the Space Food Stick with the wrapper still wrapped around the bottom of the stick. My favorite flavors were chocolate and orange. Sometimes my mom would buy mint. I belive the boxes were different colors for different flavors - brown, orange, green, etc. I am so excited to know I haven't just imagined the whole thing!!!
--Vineyard Haven, MA

I remember 1970...watching the NASA educational films in elementary school. Then the lunch bell would ring and we'd race to the picnic tables to eat our Space Food Sticks. We thought we were pretty darn cool!
--Riverside, CA

As a lifelong fan of the space program (and one who remembers as far back as the Gemini missions), I do fondly recall Space Food Sticks. My parents would purchase them for me almost every week; they didn't last the week, of course. They were too good to leave on the shelf! I'd love to see them again!
--LaGrange, GA

I took them to church camp, and ate them like they were going out of style (which they did!).
--Hummelstown, PA

My grandmother always gave me and my cousins space sticks. We loved them and we have talked about what happened to them for years!
--Creve Coeur, MO

Individually Wrapped in a foil type pouch, approxiamtely 1/2" diameter and approximately 5"long, preety chewy and didn't taste too bad. Liked them when I was a kid.
--Chandler, AZ

I don't remember much just that they had the consistancy of rubberized soft brownies and they tasted bland. But we loved them!

I loved the chocolate Space Food Sticks. I couldn't get enough of them and was very disappointed when they were discontinued.
--Monticello, MN

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