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I am a 39 year old male and remember the small brown stick just a little thinner than a tootsie roll. I remember the shiny lining inside the foil wrap. I remember cramming two or three in my pocket before heading off to school. I don't remember when they were taken off the market.

I have searched the world over for a snack that tasted as good as the Peanut butter flavored Space Food Sticks.
--Florence, SC


We knew them as "astronaut food", and had them only at my grandma's house. For all we knew, they were only available in her town! They are one of a few specific things that I will always remember about going to grandma's house. She had a metal two-door pantry type cabinet finished in white enamel and that's where the astronaut food was kept. We always had chocolate ones. I'll never forget going into the cabinet, getting out the foil-sleeved sticks, and tasting that wonderful flavor and texture. Grandma died in 1978 and I never had them again. I never even knew what they were really called until they were mentioned in a segment on Food TV (thanks Food TV!!). Once I had the real name I did an internet search and found this site. I dearly wish they would bring them back!!!
--Racine, WI

I just loved the texture of them--they were chocolate, but softer than a candy bar. I want them now!
--New Rochelle, NY

I don't know what made me think of Space Food Sticks (I'm 37 years old and haven't seen them around since i was a kid) but this morning I did a search in Altavista... Lo' and behold, someone *actually* has a site about them. My brothers and I especially loved the chocolate ones. We'd roll them into little tiny balls, stick the little balls together in the shape of a turd and convince our friends we were eating poop. C'mon Pillsbury... bring 'em back!!!
--Midland, MI

I've been racking my brain for years trying to remember what it was that i loved so much as a kid, and I finally saw them again yesterday on TV, the only thing I could say was wooo hooo..that's what they were...SPACE FOOD STICKS!
--Decatur, IL

I remember when I was young and we were about to land on the moon; July 20,1969, that space food sticks were "very" popular. It made me feel more connected with the men of apollo 11. It was one of man's greatest achievements. So I remember eating those space food sticks and watching the moon thinking that there are human being's there. It was incredible!!!
--Arroyo Grande, CA

I was watching the tv program Food Unwrapped and saw a segment on Space Food Snacks and I have to admit I hadn't thought about them in years. But I do remember them and I loved them!!! I used to eat one with breakfast every day religiously. My favorite was the peanut butter ones.
--Hastings NE

I don't remember a specific memory but over thirty years later I can still remember the taste and would give anything to have one in my hand tasting it for real instead of just the memory.
--Chicago, IL

My name is Karel. I have been talking about space food sticks for the last 10 years, trying to find someone who remembers the delicious, nutritious snack that made us kids feel like we were on a special mission to the moon!
--Glens Falls, New York

You have single-handedly transported me back in time to my childhood where a simple, perfect snack made me feel important. It truly gave me the extra boost I needed to feel not so small ... to run faster than my brother and to show the boys on my hardball team that I could throw farther than any of them! Thank you, thank you.

For years I could never remember the name of the taste I could never forget. My first taste of Space Food Sticks was when I was eight years old growing up in Bryan, Texas. SFS were the greatest. Me, my buddy Willy, a box of Space Food Sticks and a self made treehouse. God, it was never better.
--Omaha, NE

I grew up with Space Sticks in Hawaii. For years I remembered some sort of rolled peanut butter candy my Mom would buy for me but could never remember the name. On Food TV's "Unwrapped" they showed a collector of old products and he highlighted the Space Food Sticks. Wow, finally I could put a name to it. These were the greatest! Good peanut taste and the cool foil wrapper! Bring them back, please.

As soon as my mom would bring them home , I would eat the whole box! The best food I ever had.
--Livonia, MI

I can't believe I'm not the only one! This was absolutely my favorite food when I was a little kid. I remember how I adored them.
--Monterey, CA

I used to buy the food sticks for my daughters when they were small and they loved them. I've been looking for them over the years because all of a sudden they were off the market and we couldn't find them anymore.

I was really surprised to actually find a site dedicated to these incredible treats. Very few people remember them as I do. The taste of these remains in my mine only. "Please Bring Them Back"!
--Mishawaka, Indiana,

I think chocolate was the first one that I tried. After trying (I think there were 4 flavors) Peanut Butter was the best of all. I never liked any of the others after I had that one! I remember they were all individually wrapped and looked like chalk or different colored tootsie rolls. Really chewy yet homogeneously soft. Peanut Butter!!!!!! mMMMMMMMmmmmmm
--Studio City, CA

My best food memory from chilhood was climbing up on the counters to open the cupboard and grab a Space Food Stick!!! If they come back I'll buy them by the case and tell all my friends to do the same

My Grandmother always had them for her 7 Grandkids and we loved them. We used to run inot her house and to her pantry and look for them. We would all love to have them again. Thanks for the memories.
--Blacksburg VA

Reading through the memories page, I must say that I thought I was alone in liking and being nostalgic about those suspicious (yet tasty) little logs. I can remember scarfing them by the box, and missing them when I went camping years later. A pity Pillsbury attached the Space Food label to them.. it likely was the reason for not making them anymore. Maybe they should go with something more ...timeless.
--Tucson, AZ

I was a kid who ate them at bible camp and liked 'em
--Brookings SD

It is one in the morning here in Texas, and I was looking things up things that I could remind my sister of in honor of her upcoming 30th birthday. I found you foodsticks web site, and it made me SO happy to read all the user comments. I remember food sticks very well, and I loved them. They were a real treat. Cool concept. I wish they would bring them back.Are you going to send these comments to Pillsbury to get them to re-issue
them? Or is this just for fun? Your web site makes it look kind of serious. Thanks for your site! It brought back great memories!

I don't know what to say. I had forgotten about them, but "space sticks" were very much a part of life if the 1970s. Did they really make it into the 1980s? I may well have bought some when I set out on my own, to San Francisco, in 1984. They were good, they were tasty, though we all somehow knew they weren't real food. They were more like Tootsie Rolls, to be sure. Darn it, they sound good now, though.
--Yeong-her, Taipei, Taiwan

One great childhood memory. My sister and I remember them and have talked about them for years. Our husbands think we're crazy. Wish they'd bring them back so our kids could have the same great memories
--Eagle, ID

BRING THEM BACK!!!!! They were a favorite of mine as a kid and, from what I can discern from various sites online, many other people remember them fondly as well. Pillsbury needs to get back on track and reintroduce space food sticks...kids nowadays would love them and for those of us who grew up in the 70's and ate their weight in them, they would have a built-in consumer base.

Space Food Sticks!!! Oh my!! Mom always had them in her purse for the four of us kids. Whether we were at a drive-in movie in the Ford "Country Squire" station wagon, at home or on vacation. They were the BEST! We LOVED the peanut butter and chocolate ones. I truly wish they would bring them back so I could buy them for my son. They were GREAT! Maybe if we deluged Pillsbury with requests they will BRING THEM BACK!!!!! OH YEAH! Redmond, OR
--Redmond, OR

My favorite food when I watched 'Battle of the Planets', my favorite cartoon.
--Blaine, MN

I grew up in the 60's (born in 1961)so I was raised on all types of what I call "fake foods" you know, manmade stuff such as processed cheese product (both squares and in a can)etc... Anyway, I fondly recall my mom buying me Space Food Sticks. I used to love them, particularly the chocolate (or maybe it was fudge) ones. I've talked with several of my friends who are my age, but no one else seems to remember them. I'm extremely pleased then, to find your page. I don't remember if I loved them for the taste or just because the astronauts ate them and I was fascinated with anything to do with space and space travel. I'd have to try them as an adult to decide that.
--Pensacola, FL

I recall the early 70's, and having a Space Food stick every morning for breakfast! I loved them soooo much!

I remember the day like it was yesterday. A big station wagon, the smelly neighbor kid from across the street, and Space Food Sticks. My God it was a disgusting day when Chris (the smelly neighbor kid) stuffed four whole Space Sticks in his mouth and started chewing and laughing at the same time. Ever since I've had a serious aversion to dough.

Once when my mom was cleaning the house and I was watching TV, I couldn't resist sneaking a chocolate Space Food Stick so I quietly snuck into the kitchen and slowly opened the pantry. - I knew that if Mom heard me, she wouldn't let me have one! I opened the box, grabbed one and ran back to the couch and right before I opened it, I heard Mom coming into the den so I put the Space Food Stick behind my back. Mom looked at me and said "What do you have behind your back?" Me: "Nothing...." Well "nothing" really means something (moms always know!) and she grabbed me, saw the Space Food Stick, took it and gave me a good spanking and made me kneel in a corner for a half hour. That was the last Space Food Stick I ever saw. I believe it was early 1970 as I hadn't started school yet.

I don't remember a lot, just the flavor, the packaging. The stickly goodness. My Major Matt Mason and I both loved em!

1970 awesome snack like modern day energy bars or instead of kudos or fruit rollups

I was very young when I first tried them and the only flavor I can remember is chocolate. I always wanted to be an astronaut. Seems to me they tasted a little like Tootsie Rolls. Anyway, they do bring back memories of my youth and that ain't a bad thing.

Ahhhh, I used to love those things! I only remember the chocolate. I was trying to remember what they were called when I saw a show on Food TV about vintage foods.
--Crystal, MN

I remember growing up that my mom would always buy space food sticks for me at the store. Then all of the sudden they disappeared. I don't know who decided to do that but I was sure bummed. Last I heard any mention of these was on a episode of the Simpsons. I would like these to come back if at all possible for me and the next generation.
--Poolesville MD

Space Food Sticks were absolutely my favorite snack food in my younger days. My parents wouldn't buy them because they thought it was a candy product, so I used to save my allowance in order to buy them. I hope somebody will bring them back.
--Princeton, NJ

I ate these constantly between the years of 1973-1977 or so, when I lived in Ohio. I never connected it with space, my mom bought them and gave them to me in my lunch or (more commonly) I'd make off with the entire box while watching cartoons. I still get a hankering for them even today. I read a rumor on deja.com that they still sell them in Australia?? Is that so?
--Tigard, OR

I have spent several months, on and off, trying to remember the name of these. I had asked many people of my generation and they all remembered the product and not the name. Finally, hunting on the internet I found a nostalgia site that had the product listed. I am still amazed that I couldn't remember they were Space Food Sticks. Now for my memory of the item.... As a youth I had to try all the new stuff. Saturday morning cartoons could sell me anything. In the case of these space food sticks I remember my mom coming home telling me how expensive they were that I would have to wait a while. When I finally got them I couldn't wait to try them. I opened the package in the car and bit into a chocolate flavored space food stick and it was god awful!!!! I proceeded to eat the whole box within a week only to ask my mom to buy the peanut butter ones next. I ate these occasionally there after but always remebering how bad they were. But hey, if the astronauts ate them I should eat them!

We would always bug Mom to buy them whenever she went to the grocery store. We loved the chocolate ones!
--Fairfield, OH

I'll always remember I couldn't have Space Food Sticks at home...but my Aunt would always get them for me. I would spend the weekends with her, and would eat them by the box.
--Millville, New Jersey

I just sat down and started eating a peanut butter flavored PowerBar (TM) when a long-dormant brain cell was jarred to full mouth-watering consciousness: "What the..... this reminds me of something." I had almost forgotten that favorite snack food I begged my father to purchase for me during my childhood. I wonder when they quit making them... The mind of a child is fickle and I my beloved food sticks, became yesterday's news without my full conscious knowledge. But wouldn't it be grand to have the opportunity to relive such a flavorful piece of childhood? I may never again believe in Santa Claus, but I there is always hope that I will someday be able to savor the taste of a food stick.
--Seattle, WA

I was eating a PayDay candy bar the other day and tried to ignore the peanut and salt flavors. I almost got a taste of the old peanut butter space food stick flavor. It was a delightful 'almost' and I'd LOVE to share these treats with my daughter. My Grandmother kept them on the highest shelf, but we always managed to get them down. YUM!
--Crawfordville, FL

I remember they came in peanut butter and chocolate, and they were made by general foods. came in a foil wrapper that was paper on the outside. peanut butter sucked by the chocolate were EXCELLENT! sort of like a tootsie roll made with flour. i wish I had one now. while they're at it, they should bring back the grapefruit-flavored Tang.

Are you kidding! As a kid in his early teens, they were my absolute favorite snack. I'm turning 48 this year, and if they were to be put back on the shelves, I'd buy them even now!
--Little Falls, NY

Wow! Bring back the memories and good times. My Mom used to buy them on her bi-monthly grocery trips. When she got home from the store, my siblings (4 of us in all) would scramble for the sticks and hoard them off to our secret hiding places. I once asked my Mom did she remember space sticks and she couldn't. Ha! She never got to taste the flavors as we never shared them with her :)
--Lake Dallas, TX 

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