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I remember the commercials that had the astronaut eating them through a hole in the shield on his helmet - I had to have them after that one! This was the age of Tang (we begged our mom to buy it because it was what they had in space but we didn't like to drink it - but we did like to eat it dry with our fingers! But I sure miss those Space Food Sticks!

I loved taking these on trips for a quick snack and loved them as an after school snack. I have been craving these things lately for some reason!

Snacks for school...something to eat while I played with my Major Matt Mason
--Desert Hot Springs, CA

My mother and grandmother first bought my brother, sister and I Space Food Sticks when they were introduced so that people could "eat the food that the astronauts eat", kind of thing. We loved them so much that muy mother stopped buying them because we ate them up so fast. However, my grandmother kept a supply of them in her cupboard for our visits to her so we ate them there. As I recall, there were different flavors and we LOVED them!
--Ashland, OR

I have inquired, for years, about my favorite childhood snack. Some time ago, my older brother informed me that they were called Space Food Sticks. So here I am researching it and there you are trying to bring them back. I recall them as being a delicious chocolate snack.
--Bristol CT

Eating them while watching the Partridge Family, or for a snack at a slumber party. Eating them with my best friend, Marsha!
--Onalaska, WI

Every day as kid, my mom would pack my lunch for school and I remember the chocolate food sticks right along with my Del Monte fruit cups!
--Portland, OR

I still crave them to this day! I had a box of caramel, and a box of chocolate ones in my top drawer, and I found it almost impossible not to eat them all at once, but they were special, so I tried to eat them slowly. I was devastated when they stopped making them! Bring them back please! Hey, why can't I click both yes buttons on the survey page. Pushing one deletes the other. Try it! CJ in Texas
--Round Rock, TX

I can remember getting Space Food sticks from our Air Force Base commissary when I was a kid. Many a time have I told my sister: "What I wouldn't give to have a Space Food Stick now."
--Charleston, SC

I attacked the box as soon as my Mom came home from the store. I'd tear into the wrappers, roll up the stick and eat it in a single bite. YUM!! If there's still a market for Tang, there has to be a market for Space Food Sticks.
--Evanston, IL

The thing I remember most about Space Food Sticks was each kids overwhelming need to have this item in their lunch sack. Bringing your own lunch from home was always considered "cooler" than eating the school's hot lunches, but adding the Space Food Sticks just...heh heh...sent your "cool" rating right into orbit! I did not know they were on the market into the 1980's, my memories seem to put them more around '69 and '70, about the same time as that other great food item, "Shakapudding" (I may have spelled that wrong.) Do kids today get as excited over things like neat and trending food items as we did in the years of the Moon launches? I would buy them today if I saw them at the store, no doubt about it!
--Portland, OR

As an adolescent, I had a problem of passing out. My Mother bought me space food sticks to give me extra nutrition. I ate at least one a day, sometimes more. I adored those sticks and would love to see them come back.
--Arlington, TX

I sure miss them, I have asked so many people it they have heard of them and I have only found one person that has.. My mother use to put them in our school lunches.
--Sterling, AK

I remember pretending they were cigarettes. My sister and I would fight over them. They were definitely prized possessions. I loved thinking the men in space really ate those sticks.

Ok, I sincerely hope you have some sort of insider's knowledge here. I mean, teasing us by suggesting that this stuff might actually "become available" again is just not right...Ha,ha. To be honest with you, I actually emailed Pillsbury a year or two ago. I admit, my email must have sounded a little pathetic. I mean, I even tried to convince the company to try to come up with any old, moldy box of the stuff they might have in storage. They were quite cordial with their response (even though I was obviously experiencing a severe new-mommy-hormonal-hysterical-craving for a flavor that was so long gone...) In short, they told me that they had no left-over Space Food Sticks and that they didn't intend to reproduce them at any time in the future...Sigh...Oh well...Thanks so much for the website. Over the years I have searched for any candy or "snack" that might have a flavor remotely close to my beloved space sticks. Of course, nothing has even come close. My mom used to buy them by the truckload (it seems) for my brother and me. I remember watching "Land of the Lost," "HR Puffinstuff," and other various mind-altering kids' shows while munching my space sticks.
--Downers Grove, IL

I loved space food sticks. In an era of Mattel "Incredible Edibles" (root beer and caramel centipedes and spiders), Space Food Sticks were like a health food alternative AND they were fun!

Going skiing with my parents at White Pass, Wash. When lunch time came, I knew I would be unwrapping a tasty, foil-covered snack. It was the highlight of the day!
--Centralia, Washington

I was the reason the Life Savers' ads showed fussy children calming down for a Life Saver, EXCEPT, I was stuck a a political rally with my parents, and the Space Stick is what kept me from having an all out tantrum.

Glad there are so many other fans of these tasty treats out there. They were a favorite for car road trips/family vacations.
--Austin, TX

I can still remember going to the super market with my mom and grabbing a couple boxes of peanut butter and chocolate space sticks. It was such a wonderful site looking up and seeing shelve fulls of space sticks in all their glory. Peanut butter was the best and the were best eaten after 30 - 45 minutes in your pocket and then rolled into a ball. Life was good, oh yes, life was good.

For some reason, I remember eating peanut butter flavored one on the way home from pre-school with my mom. I couldn't recall what they were until I visited this site. I want one now!

Ate them voraciously at swim meets, in hopes that would grow up to be an astronaut. Have featured them in Cameo appearance in important poems.

I have the fondest memories of space food sticks! I remember thinking how lucky I was that my Mom bought them for us often- they were my favorite snack. For some reason she would never buy TANG- which I always asked for, but always got us SFS. I think she liked them too.
--San Francisco, CA

Yippee! I thought I was the only one who remembered these! I can recall being in my parent's neighbour's pantry....they always fed us tons of these. I loved chocolate the most. Ever since I became a PowerBar addict I started thinking about SpaceFood Sticks. The Powerbars seem similar, if my memory serves.
--Philadelphia, PA

I loved them. They were great snacks at school and on trips. They would be even better today when people need to eat something nutricious in a hurry
--Point Reyes, CA

I had a hideout where I'd keep Pillsbury Food Sticks when I'd hide out and read next to a creek not too far from the house. In high school, I took a boyfriend back there - it had to be six or seven years later, and tucked away behind some rocks were a couple of doll accessories, a bookmark and three food sticks, still in their wrappers.
Yes, they were still good!
--Long Beach CA

OMG! I miss them sooo much! I contacted Nabisco to ask how they made them so that I could make them myself, but they only responded saying they were discontinued and could not release the receipe because of copyright reasons or something like that... Kinda sux.. they wont make them, and they wont let us make them either. I did put my two cents in and asked them to bring them back anyhow!!! Do you really think they'll bring them back?
--Southern CA

I remember my mom buying these things box after box and me eating them in my lunch box just as fast as I could. I'm sure that they were good for me, weren't they? They were endorsed by NASA I think.
--Tampa, FL

Oh my gosh, they were wonderful! We always bought a box of peanut butter flavored sticks when at the grocery store! We really believed they were the future!!

Having grown up in western Kansas, I remember eating space food sticks while I watched a local program called Major Astro! I know my kids would love them! Please bring them back!
--Lindsborg, Kansas

My mother never bought us anything cool as kids, I always had hand-me-downs from the neighbors, BUT! Space Food Sticks were on sale, and she bought a case of them. I was instantly cool.
--San Jose, CA 95128

Chocolate space food sticks (sliced into 1/4" bits, palced on top of peanut butter on Wonder Bread - Yum...
--Hilliard, OH

I remember buying food sticks at school. I attended a Catholic school in Florida, and during lunch we could buy Little Debbie snacks, food sticks, and Carvel ice cream sandwiches (called "flying saucers") for dessert. Then one day they just disappeared, you couldn't find them anymore.

I remember the commercials and bugging my mom to buy these for me when I was about 9 years old. I remember the peanut butter and chocolate flavors. They were unlike anything else. Those little paper wrappers with the aluminum on the inside were cool. I was the envy of my friends.

I was in the school cafeteria, Karen traded me a Space Food Stick (I forget what my part of the bargain was) but it was this wonderful, malty, chocolatey, almost eggy? flavor. It one of my most vivid flavor/food memories and I've been trying to hunt them down for years. My hat is off to you in your quest to bring them back. God speed.

On Saturday mornings the groceries wouldn't even be out of the car before I'd gone through half a box of them.

My brother and I used to call these "Energy Sticks"! We always got the chocolate ones and I loved them! I'm sure it's mostly nostalgia and they really DO taste like chocolate flavored rubber bands, but I'd love to see them brought back!!!!
--Barrington, IL

I used to eat these by the boxload! Chocolate was my favorite.

What I remember most is the texture. It was gritty, yet melt-in-your-mouth, at the same time! I used to love these as a kid!
--Mission Viejo, CA

I've been trying to describe these to my children for years! There is nothing on the market that compares to them -- BRING THEM BACK, JUST AS THEY WERE! (no "improvements, please)
--Wyandotte, MI

I loved space food sticks. They were all good then, but I was only ten years old. Now I have young kids. Bring em back!
--Carson City NV

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