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I can remember the rack in the back of Doolittle's Market in Waterford, PA where these were sold. Remember it as though it were yesterday. Mom used to only allow them one or two a day, but I would always sneak or talk here into one (or maybe two more). I would love it if they were brought back so I could show my kids a great snack of yesteryear that beats the pants off any fruit roll-up these days! Please bring them back!!!
--Waterford, PA

I was just telling my kids about these last week. They were my favorite snack. I thought I was the only one who felt this way. Too cool!
--Roseville, CA

Oh my gosh! I thought I was the only person that remembered these! Everyone I ask looks at me like I'm making it up.
--Paso Robles, CA

Space Food Sticks were considered a delicacy in my family! We loved packing them in our lunches as kids and used to fight over them.
--Waterford, PA

I remember Space Food sticks as the "food of the astronauts".
--Mount Prospect, IL

OH my gosh! Space Sticks were the best. I remember sitting in the back of my Grandma's Wagoneer (probably listening to Roger Miller or Neil Diamond) eating Space Sticks! But only the peanut butter kind...those were the best!
--Glendora, CA

I remember my Uncle Bill who worked for Whirlpool Corp. back in the days of the Apollo Moon Missions buying us Space food sticks and bringing home food cubes and those weird bagged Tang packets. I thought I was becoming part of the Space Race too!
--Coloma, MI

I remember rolling them into a ball before eating them.
--Springfield WV

Ahh...the memory. Space Food Sticks were by far my favorite snack. I seem to recall the chocolate and peanut butter ones the most. I have been searching for that flavor/texture combination for a long time. I still have not found an equal. I now have kids 3 and 1. I want them to have the memories of Space Food Sticks that I have. For some reason these things are one of my most vivid memories of growing up.
--Phoenix, AZ

My sister and I used to steal the whole box from the cupboard, hide in her closet and split them up - then eat every last one in the dark!
--Newport, RI

My grandma used to buy them for me. She always had them when i would go stay with her.
--Westwood CA

When I was a kid and we went grocery shopping Mom always had to buy me these. The box wouldn't make it home before I had it open and half eaten!
--Ft Bliss, TX

My parents have told me about these!
--Chehalis, WA

Necessary in 5th grade for my lunch from home...I wouldn't leave home without them.
--Honolulu, HI

My father has often recounted the story of one phase in my dietary history: I would eat nothing but pretzels, potato chips, carrots and Space Food Sticks. I was born in 1970, so I have to assume this would be around the time I was 2 or 3 years old. I still remember the shiny foil wrapper, the distinctive peanut-butter smell, texture and taste. None of my friends recall them - I'm so glad I found your website!
--Fairfax, VA

I was just thinking of these the other day and wondering where the heck they went. Thought they sounded good to eat again and introduce to my 9 year old daughter.
--Seymour, IN

It was the only thing I looked forward to in my lunchbox!
--Alameda, CA

Growing up in the "space age" I remember tasting the chocolate ones. They were good.
--Wahoo, NE

My memory of Space Food Sticks is the day they came on the market. I watched the moon landing and like so many others was in awe that we could do such a thing. When I saw the space sticks I remember buying dozens of them with the dream of myself being able to go into space someday. I gave some to my dad who was in the military and they made their way around the world.
--Biloxi MS

Space food sticks in the morning space food sticks at noon and space food sticks at night
--Austin, TX

I miss them a lot and am looking to buy some for me and my sister. I heard they may be made in Australia now?? If so, are they the same?
--Shelton, WA

I remember eating them as a kid. My mom always kept a variety of flavors on hand, and when I got home from school, the first thing I would do is grab 3 or 4 Space Food Sticks before anyone else got home. They were the best!!!
--Virginia Beach, VA


I remember them from the 60's & I'd love to try some nostalgia again!
--Bartlett, IL

Loved them. My mom always stocked our camper with them for vacations.
--Benton Harbor, MI

I just loved them as a kid... my mom used to put them in my mom lunches for school...they were great.. bring them back...
--Elkhart, IN

Love Them and This Great Site
--Lancaster, Ohio

My brother and I used to pretend we were astronauts while camped out in the backyard on summer nights. We ate them and washed 'em down with Tang and felt totally cool.
--Watertown, WI

I remember so fondly the times I ate them. I felt as though I related to all the many great astronauts. The many trips to Kennedy Space Center just have the tears flowing. Who could resist the temptations of that delicious chocolate flavored Space Food Stick? Certainly not me!
--Taylor, Michigan

I remember these being advertised...space food was the most fascinating thing on the planet! Think about it...we went from difficulty in preserving food at all to putting it into a TUBE to go to space...all within a century!
--Winslow, AZ

The whoosh of opening that magical silver pouch and then pushing, pushing it out and in. Thanks for reminding me.
--San Francisco, California

Great taste all three of my sisters loved them we have been looking for them
--Perrysburg, Ohio

Oh please bring them back. my daughter just wrote a paper on the product that has been off the market for her college project. i would love to see them again. i think about them quite a bit-almost longing for them.
--Chicago, IL

I'd eat piles of them in the old days after school. They were heavenly morsels.
--Ashland, OR

They were great - I haven't found anything before or since with the same consistency - yum! I so loved those things - they were fabulous in a totally fake way
--Folsom, CA

I remember as a lad of 7 when my parents would withhold space food sticks from me until I mowed the lawn. I loved space sticks so much that I woke up each night at 3am and mowed the lawn so I fulfilled my parent's requirement AND was able to watch the Banana Splits at 3pm, like I wanted to.
--Oakland CA

1977 I was in Cub scouts, my mom would send Food Sticks with me on hiking trips. They were awesome. Now i am 35 years old and I miss them.--Morganville, WV

I remember tucking a few sticks into my pocket (chocolate was my favorite) and taking off for worlds unknown. I remember dipping them in coffee (this was great with all flavors) and slowly biting off a tiny piece and letting it melt on my tongue. They were better than Tootsie Rolls, that is for sure.
--Marietta, GA

OMG...everyday in my lunch...and now it seems that no one remembers them...
--Rochester, MN

I miss these SO much!!! A huge part of my childhood!! I remember eating them a couple of times but I always felt that the shape and texture of this food was unique and special; and they tasted great!
--Rockford, IL

I can remember my mother going to the Navy commissary and buying them for me and my younger sister. I would get so excited when she got home and would have both the chocolate and the peanut butter flavors. I would take one of each and twist them together and eat them just like that. I sure do miss those things!
--Gainesville, FL

I have never actually had a Space Food Stick--my mother wouldn't have bought them for me anyway, but...I do remember things of this ilk (like Tang) that were around in my early childhood, and I do remember seeing films of astronauts eating strange things like food from tubes and funny little Capri Sun-like packages. If they had something like them, I'd try them just for the novelty of it. The four-year old in my head says 'gimme gimme' about such things to this day. Why not the Stick, too?
--Lemon Grove Ca

My siblings and I used to eat theses all of the time. I have been trying to find out the name for years.
--Warren, MI

My Mom loved them as much as I did. She actually has a Food Stick diet plan that she would go on. It worked! I remember eating chocolate food sticks tucked in my Peanuts sleeping bag in-between races of my swim meets. I felt so cool like a real athlete eating energy food. I would buy these in a heart beat!!
--Chicago, Illinois

I just remember as a child, thinking that this was the greatest thing in the world, to sit in my Grandma's arms eating the same food as the astronauts who walked on the moon. Bring them back for this generation.
--Crestview Fl

My family said I was full of it when I told them I remember eating space food sticks. Now I feel my memory has been validated. Hurray for space food!
--Concord, MA

I've been remembering these things since childhood!! Finally now someone else does too. I can't tell you how much I'd love to have these back on the market! Tell me what I can do to help!
--Hampton, NJ

Without Space Food Sticks, as a child there would have been no meaning to my life.
--Mondovi, WI

Loved em! The only vice our parents allowed us as kids! Ate-em like they were going out of style!
--Englewood, CO

I can still imagine the taste. Everytime I look for some breakfast type snack food in the store, I wish I could find the space sticks. Wish I had some right now.
--Kemah, Texas

The best After School Snack ever created. Good enough for the astronauts, better for me. Peanut Butter was the best, chocolate a close second. I can remember the nutty chewy taste and smell as if I had just eaten one. Perfect for expeditions across the Antarctic (back yard), because they were in a waterproof space-age wrapper, could be crammed into any pocket, and, strangely, tasted better slightly warm.
--West Bend, Iowa

Thought I was the only one who remembered the damn things! I have asked countless people about them and no one had ever heard of them. Then I do a search on Google and you have a site. So cool. Thanks for the memories.--Norwalk, CA

I remember the peanut butter space food sticks. I took them to school for lunch and was the envy of everyone.
--Baltimore, MD

Oh my gosh!! I was so excited to find this info on the web 'cause my co-workers didn't believe me. I totally remember my mom packing the peanut butter or chocolate space food sticks in mine and my bro and sis' lunches. Too fun!
--Boston, MA

What a great snack food. I want em back!!!!
--St. Joseph, IL

My mom used to always buy Space Food Sticks when I was a kid. I could eat a whole box in one sitting, so my mom had to hide them from me. I always managed to find them. It was as much fun searching for them as it was eating them.
--Canoga Park, CA

The box would be half empty by the time we got home from the store. I just couldn't control myself!
--Austin, TX

I just loved them - used to get them at the Piggly-Wiggly supermarket!! I really miss them now...I can still taste them!
--Dedham, MA

Those things must be made of some magical element like scare gas or something. I'll bet they had to take them off the market because of the addictive qualities. Someday we'll all get a call that says "The woods are lovely" and we'll go off like zombies to perform some evil deed for Pillsbury. If they bring them back I will buy a case and lock myself in my room for a week. Go rent "Spirit of '76" with David Cassidy.
--Santa Fe, NM

I used them for decorating my children's birthday cakes. They made great fence posts, house supports and other things where logs were needed. They were great!
--Warrenton, OR

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